this is closely


We’re a new Swedish brand, founded in 2019 by Tove Langseth and Filip Nilsson. We create underwear and sportswear and we’ve set out to raise the bar in both these worlds.

We enter the scene without old dusty ideas about women, bodies and underwear design. We go to extremes to deliver superior function and a sense of freedom and we try hard, very hard, to minimise the impact this effort has on our planet.


The Closely Founders.


At Closely we often talk about freedom. It’s a big word and we like that. If a more functional bra can make you feel comfortable every day, then it’s a major achievement. It matters.


We love to blur the line between sports and underwear. Sport inspires us, both from a technical and a visual standpoint and we use the same design process for both sides. Hopefully you feel this, even when you dress up in one of our lace bralettes.

Closely makes clothes
for every body

And we portray women we think are beautiful, cool and inspiring. They’re big. They’re small. They’re tall. They’re short. They’re old. They’re young. That’s how the world looks. And it makes our job much more interesting.

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