reducing closely’s carbon
is an essential part
of our
sustainability ambition.

Since the start we’ve worked hard to analyse our supply chain and to reduce the emissions. We’ve learned that the use of recycled materials creates immediate effect. It’s a powerful tool and we'll continue down that route. But we’re doing many other things as well, like moving the production of materials closer to the factories to minimise transportation.


the direction is crystal clear -
zero emissions.

You can see the exact carbon footprint for each of our garments on the product pages. This assessment covers all the emissions from the raw material extraction stage right up to the time that they arrive in our warehouse in Sweden. This approach is called “from cradle to gate”. It took a group of experts six months to gather all the data. The result has been independently verified.


it will take some time to reach zero emissions, even if we try hard. meanwhile we’ve decided to compensate for the emissions we cause by using carbon credits. this is a system that is sometimes criticised but most experts agree it’s better than doing nothing.

We wanted our credits to support a project close to our factory in Sri Lanka and we wanted something that is closely monitored.

We finally decided to support two small scale hydropower projects in the Central and Sabaragamuwa provinces.

The credits are purchased through Natural Capital Partners in London and the project is verified in accordance with The Clean Development Mechanism which aims to stimulate sustainable development in developing countries. The idea is to reduce reliance on fossil fuel and replace with renewable energy.


the two projects reduce CO2 emissions with approximately


50.000 tons/year

We compensate for our production and for all other activities like company travelling, for example. This makes closely a carbon neutral company from start. We don’t know any other fashion company who can say the same. (But hopefully there will be many more soon.)

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