dear future test pilot




We’ve known since the start that we want to work with a big group of smart women and build our brand collectively. Input from Test Pilots will be our most valuable tool. Together we shall make the world’s best underwear.

As a Test Pilot you’re building a new brand from the inside. We’ll try to make it interesting and fun. You’ll be part of the inner circle. We’ll ask for advise and you’ll be informed.

You get a chance to try new products. Both early prototypes and finished garments. Sometimes we have only a few free samples. Sometimes we have a lot. You test for two weeks and then fill out a quick report.

Every time you buy a Closely garment we’ll ask you to do the same and there will, of course, be a reward for your insights.

You’ll also be invited to big and small events. You’ll be the first to know about collabs and launches and you get a 100 DKK discount when you buy your first bra. And so on. This is just a start. 

Here are a few quick questions that we want you to answer to make sure we´ll get a really inclusive group of Test Pilots. Remember, there will never be enough test products for everyone. Sometimes we’ll have a thousand samples, some other time only a dozen but there will be new testing opportunities coming up all the time. This is the Closely way of working.


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