The Bird Lace Story.


As you know, Closely is all about a sense of freedom.

Early on we got the idea that a small free bird would be a nice way to express that. So we created our own graphic birdie and now we can’t live without it.

A few months later we were discussing how cool it would be to create a unique Closely lace. We wanted something more interesting than the usual standard flowers and it didn’t take long before we started dreaming about birds, again.

The experts we spoke to were not encouraging. ”Difficult”, they said.

But we like difficult so we rapidly booked a lunch with one of our favourite artists, Swedish illustrator Jennie Ekström. Over a salmon salad and a glass of white wine we kindly asked her if she wanted to be immortalized in lace.

”We want beautiful, free, birds in your usual poetic style”, we said. (Jennie’s poetic style contains a healthy dose of rock’n roll). ”Ok, I’ll give it a try”, she mumbled.


Jennie Ekström, October 2019.

The rusty brown version.

That was the start of a long and winding journey, to say the least.

Transforming a piece of art into a sustainable, stretchy and super soft lace was a real challenge. The experts were right about that. But we had an incredible team working with us and some pretty fascinating machines too.

Finally everything was in place. Every little detail on the leaves. The perfect beak. The recycled yarn. All the washing tests.

And here it is, The Bird Lace in five beautiful colours.
Bras and briefs, ready to fly straight into your wardrobe.

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