Social Media Manager

We’ll launch Closely in a number of European cities 1 September 2020 and it’s about time to bring in our Social Media Manager.

You’ll be responsible for daily communication in all our channels. You love social media and you understand the mechanisms behind online impact. We guess that you’ve worked in a similar role before. It’s all about daily creative work in multiple channels, something that demands both energy and systematic thinking. But you know that already. You look for meaningful dialogue. You stay away from the empty and cynical and you’re the Closely compass in this chaotic landscape. You’ll also play a key role in the collaboration with our Test Pilots, and in growing that community.

We’re a small team. Nothing is perfect. We’re improvising and multitasking. We do strategy and design and communication and we open cardboard boxes. We laugh, we sweat and we love it, and we think you like pioneering as much as we do.

We’ll have an office in Gothenburg and one in Stockholm from the start.

Closely was founded in 2019 by Tove Langseth and Filip Nilsson. It’s an independent brand with the backing of Lindex, the no 1 Scandinavian player in underwear.

We create female underwear & sportswear and we’ve set out to raise the bar in both categories. We enter the scene without old dusty ideas about bodies, women and underwear design. Closely is all about superior function and a sense of freedom and we try hard to minimize the impact this ambition have on the planet.

You can check us out a little more at Instagram: @closelyofficial.

Does it sound interesting? Wow. Fantastic. Just drop a mail to us. (And please, forward if you know someone who might be interested)

See you soon.

[email protected]

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